book cover of teenaged girl standing in front of blue, pink, purple clouds with sparkles of orange and gold, Kalea Jameson and the Gathering by Kelly Douglas

By Kelly DOuglas

Kalea Jameson and the Gathering

Science Fiction | Time Travel

It’s an ancient lost science. That’s what the Elders tell me. That shapeshifters, time travelers, empaths, prophetic dreamers, and telepaths are the way they are because of science. I thought it was all fiction until recently. Turn’s out, there is a long lineage of time traveling superheroes in my family and for some bizarre reason my family has left me in the dark about it. They should have told me the truth because then I would have left the book alone and I never would have used this dazzlingly beautiful key…


Debut Author

Kelly Douglas

Kelly Douglas is a former teen librarian and middle school teacher with a Master of Arts in Teaching with a middle school emphasis. She is a huge nerd who loves all things history and books! This is her first novel in her Stream Riders Chronicles. She lives in Missouri with her goldendoodle, cats, and sisters. Find her online at & on Instagram: @kellydouglasauthor

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If  I was still teaching, this is just the kind of book that I would make all of my students read and review.

– Former 5th grade teacher, MIss Arnold

Coming Soon!

Available Winter, 2022

Kalea Jameson and Donovan’s Army

Science Fiction | Time Travel


Will Kalea and her friends reunite with Liam? Where did he go anyway? This author hopes he’s ok and didn’t trip and fall into the expanse. Join my newsletter to be kept up to date on book 2 in the Streamrider Chronicles.

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